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CPRE North East exists to support the Charities aims which are to promote rural England's beauty, tranquillity and diversity.

CPRE Durham covers the historic county of Durham between the Rivers Tyne and Tees and up into the Pennines, plus the Tees Valley authorities (old Cleveland area).

CPRE Durham is made up of volunteer members.

Bi-monthly meetings are held in Darlington.

An Executive Committee offers advice and assistance to support good planning and help to resist unsuitable developments in undesirable locations.

Objections have been raised to support objecting groups on applications for Open Cast Coal sites, EcoTowns, Wind Farms, housing developments and oversize caravan parks. The Branch works with local councils to review Planning applications and local plans. Support is offered to worthwhile and innovative ideas and developments.

Assistance is given to Anti Litter campaigns stressing CPRE's "Stop the Drop" campaign working with LitterFree Durham.

CPRE North East