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“Thanks for your letter. I apologise for

my late response but I am happy to

endorse and support your manifesto.

“The British countryside needs continued support, especially after the challenges of Brexit. It is very positive that you are also supporting sustainable transport measures and sustainability in general.”

Stephen Psallidas

Lib Dem Candidate, Sedgefield

“Whilst I can agree with much in the national

and regional manifesto to support, such as

the need for urban regeneration, support for agriculture, and retention of environmental protection legislation, and I agree with the brownfield first housing policy suggestion, I am not persuaded that appropriate and sustainable greenfield development should be excluded completely.

“I am supportive of "garden village" type development where it can be demonstrated that this is of exemplary standards of design and sustainability.

As you will be aware, there has been much "generic" housing development in recent years in North Tyneside, to the extent that there is little remaining open and agricultural land in the constituency.

“Even given this trend, there is still a need for further housing development land. If we are to prevent urban sprawl and conglomeration, appropriate and carefully considered greenfield development (of aforementioned high standards) may need to be considered if we are to meet housing need sustainably.

“On this point, I must differ from CPRE given my professional experience of sustainable development and planning including working for companies such as Beyond Green on sustainable developments in this region and nationwide.”

Greg Stone

Lib Dem Candidate, North Tyneside

“I can advise that I see the countryside as

hugely important.   

As the former MP with a large rural area within our constituency, if re-elected I will continue to work with like=minded organisations whilst representing my constituents.   

I would be delighted to meet to discuss should I be re-elected.”

Ian Lavery,

Labour Candidate for Wansbeck